Home Play


With the HDL HomePlay network player, you can stream your favourite tracks to any room in your home effortlessly.

Designed for you and your family, take total control over your audio for a never-before heard auditory experience.

Better Together

Quickly and intuitively browse through the entirety of your music collection.

With the ability to directly play-less from network attached storage devices (NAS), an on-board Micro SD card slot, an on-board USB port, and your connected iOS & Android devices total audio management has never been easier.

Multi-platform Compatibility

With Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, a LAN port, and a USB port HomePlay can directly connect to your audio library.

Seamlessly controlled through the HDL On-app, you can stream all of your favorite tracks to any room to create your ideal audioscape.

Stream different songs to every room in your home simultaneously.


Stream the same song to every room in your home simultaneously.


In smart home, you no longer have to manually adjust your blinds or curtains to control natural lighting inside your home. Curtains and blinds can be automated using timers or sensors, alternatively they can be set to open and close automatically with sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.

Shading means automated curtains and blinds, and it allows you to control each of your window treatment devices just by tapping your smartphone, or a smart-switch in the wall.

We provide a range of both wired and wireless curtain tracks and blind motors, making it naively compatible with the other devices on the system, saving the need to invest in additional control hardware.


Lighting control will add comfort and ambience to any smart home system. It can be programmed to change level at certain times or switched simply via a touch panel, smartphone or tablet. Lighting scenes can be recalled at the touch of a button, including personal preferences for returning home, party modes or when going to bed.

Not only will you save energy, you will have the ability to create atmospheres at the touch of a button, or smart-phone / tablet.


Automated heating system gives you total control. Almost all heating, cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation products can be controlled. Zoning your heating allows you to divide your home into separate manageable areas, giving you the comfort, flexibility and control you’ve always wanted. You can even control it from your smart-phone or tablet. Imagine being able to switch on your heating when returning from the airport after a holiday during the winter, or switching off the heating after you left, if you forgot. These are just some of the benefits of a smart heating system in addition to energy saving.

You can reduce wall-clutter by utilising a single wall-panel instead of separate light-switches and thermostats.

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