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Aiphone is undoubtedly the most reputed and highly trusted Japanese company which manufactures and supplies versatile products all over the world. This brand takes pride in its bespoke manufacturing processes which have sustained quality over the period of decades. Being the most relied upon brand for manufacturing, supplying and distribution of communication systems, Aiphone exports to more than 60 countries worldwide. Aiphone is the pioneering brand of intercom manufacturing and supply.

Products: Aiphone offers unrivalled systems which surpass its competitors in terms of simplicity, reliability and technical magnificence. Audio Only systems or Audio/Video solution, Digital or IP intercom system for residential, commercial, apartment or educational. 

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The brand features: Aiphone is the most advanced and highly trusted brands all over the world. The reason for such immense global respect and customer reliance lies in the fact that Aiphone is the first ever intercom manufacturer who was able to receive the Deming Prize. This makes Aiphone the only selling brand in North America and representative of international quality standards.

Aiphone takes pride in manufacturing and delivering security and communication systems for everyone. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a basic Aiphone Intercom or a multinational organisation looking for an advanced Aiphone IP intercom, this brand has got bespoke systems to suit the needs of all kinds of customers.

Aiphone is the winner of Product design award for the year of 2014 for securing maximum appreciation from the largest and most important event of international design awards. Aiphone has been awarded Most Popular Intercom for the Australian Connected Home awards for the 6th consecutive year.

Manufacturer: Aiphone is proud to have ISO 9001 certification which indicates that this brand has been able to sustain its quality by advancing its manufacturing process. This certificate is awarded to those brands which show advancement and proper maintenance of their manufacturing process and quality control respectively. It means that Aiphone manufactures the best systems of all time and you can blindly trust on its products to offer you exceptional durability and functionality.

Warranty: Aiphone offers a 3-year product warranty to its customers. The 3-year warranty policy indicates that Aiphone is perfectly capable of quality assurance and ensures that the systems continue to operate with minimal costs of repair and maintenance.

Variety Services: Aiphone manufactures and supplies products which suit the needs of all users. You can count on this brand’s variety of services and products which are designed to last for years to come. You can expect the following array of services from Aiphone:

Aiphone Intercoms for Apartments and Homes

Aiphone Intercoms for Parking Garages

Aiphone Intercoms for Schools

Aiphone Intercoms for Businesses

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