Our smart Alarm systems protect your home when you are away!

There are two types of security alarm systems being wired or wireless, which can be either monitored by an outside company or unmonitored.

Wired alarm systems have sensors that physically are wired into the main control panel in station hardwired systems. Wireless systems use wireless sensors that send signals back to the control panel. A wireless system is a simpler, but it requires regular battery replacement.

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A monitored alarm system sends signal to the monitoring centre, and they will action according to the agreed procedure to notify you or send guard or police to your place.There are costs associated with monitored premises including monthly fee for monitoring centre and additional fee for any attendance to your place in case of any incident.

For unmonitored alarm system, the notification will be an alarm sound from your system siren to your devices like smart phones to notify your neighbours or passers to call the police if you weren't at your place.

CIVIC Electronic technical team provides free consultation to help you to choose the best security alarm solutions for your home or business premises. We provide you with technical advice considering the site specific circumstances, and we consider your preferences and requirements to provide you with high quality and cost effective security solutions.

We provide Installation, Commissioning, Service and Maintenance of Alarm systems for commercial, industrial and domestic sites. Our technical team design, install and commission Alarm systems with the following options to protect your premises:

Motion Sensors to cover all movements in all areas which can be pet friendly with adjustable sensitivity;

Reed Switches to cover all doors, windows and manholes;

Smoke detectors for fire safty;

Panic Buttons to send silent signals to specified monitoring or police stations;

Seismic and Vibration sensors to cover safes and all walls; 

Siren and strobe to alert neighbors and passers;

Keypad and Remote Controls to arm and disarm your system;

Back to Base reporting paths with aditional NBN ready devices. 

All devices can be wired or wireless for all size and range of premises.  Your Alarm system is accessible through our remote control applications on your smart phones, tablets and PCs.

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